“Better Call Saul” Ended Forever as the Most Snubbed Series of All Time!

Die kluge Jenni Zylka/MDR-Altpapier zitiert ausführlich die US-Zeitschrift Variety:

“We’re picturing Jimmy McGill now, yelling ‘Zero for 53?!’ Yes, Jimmy/Saul, you did not win a single Emmy. Not for Bob Odenkirk, who was nominated six times for drama lead actor for his iconic, fan-favorite character from ‘Breaking Bad,’ around whom the AMC prequel was based. Not Rhea Seehorn for her exceptional, nuanced portrayal of Kim Wexler, Jimmy’s friend and partner, and then wife. Not for the show’s superlative writing, nor its directing, nor for any of the supporting cast (Jonathan Banks, Giancarlo Esposito). And not the show itself, which was nominated seven times since its 2015 premiere.”

Zur Zeit in keiner deutschen Mediathek verfügbar. Aber ich habe da einen USB-Stick …

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